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Best-in-Class Well Pump Installation and Repair Solutions

If you need assistance with repairing or installing your residential well pump, Affordable Pump Service in Casa Grande, AZ can help. We have professional service equipment to perform any job, no matter how small or big it is.


Well Pump Repair and Maintenance

  • Well Inspections and Water Testing/Sampling

    You can count on us to determine if your well water is contaminated. Our team will send the samples to a certified lab to be tested for impurities. Most of our testing is requested by real estate buyers and sellers who are involved in a property transfer. We ensure that our water testing and inspections satisfy the Federal Housing Administration and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs loan requirements.

  • Pressure Tank and Water Line Repair/Service

    If your home relies on well water, it is important to ensure that your pressure or bladder tank has no issues. To make sure that there are no problems with your well pump, the expertise of seasoned professionals is necessary. Count on us to service and repair the aboveground and underground water lines of your pump.

  • Pressure/Booster Pump Replacement

    We offer replacement services of traditional and constant pressure systems/VFD.

  • Submersible Well Pump, Pipe, and Wire Replacement

  • Monitor and Troubleshoot Well Pump Operation

  • Storage Tank and Controls

    Our company carries a wide range of products from trusted vendors. You can always count on us when it comes to installation, replacement, or repair of liquid level controls.

  • Yield Testing of Pump System and Well Production

    If you want to know how much water your residential well yields, our team can perform a flow rate test that will determine the Gallons Per Minute (GPM) produced.

  • Annual Water Well Checkup

    We have service contracts available to meet your specific needs.

  • Water Filtration Systems

    Our technicians have the skills needed to install new water softener systems. Turn to us for the installation of filtration systems that are specifically used to remove contaminants, such as arsenic, nitrates, and more.


What Makes Us Different

We have partnered with a variety of vendors, which allows us to provide you with a selection of different products and parts. Our company has a high volume of stock available for quick and emergency repairs. You can be sure that our team of trained technicians is familiar with applicable health and safety codes.

When you work with us, we will provide you with a quote upon request, furnish a written contract for large and complex jobs, and specify the terms and conditions of work.

Affordable Pump Service ensures quality backed with warranty coverage. Our warranties vary depending on products and services provided.